27 mars 2017

Tithing testimonies: the power of giving tithes

I have started sharing some testimonies of tithe givers (in french here) and I think they are so inspiring, especially when hearing and knowing some successful people applied it and how God bless them. As someone who tithes, I like to keep myself edified and encouraged in the choice I made -I believe it's a choice and act of faith, not a legalistic obligation, and I have seen God's hand at work as a result of it. I would like to encourage you too and let the Holy Spirit speak as you read those testimonies. (and this is no way to say to tithe and use God just so that you become a multimillionaire, even though you could, but to walk by faith, do God's Word and let God do His Word in your life by pouring out his amazing blessings)
--I will keep updating as I can--

The inventor of Caterpillar RG LeTourneau was giving tithes: 
"his contribution to the advancement of the Gospel ranks him among the greatest of Christian Businessmen of all time. Famous for living on 10% of his income and giving 90% to the spread of the Gospel, LeTourneau exemplified what a Christian businessman should be." 

John D. Rockefeller (Standard Oil) began tithing from his very first paycheck:
"arguably the greatest businessman of all time, at one point in his life his net worth (adjusted for inflation) was estimated to be thlargest in world history, he was a very committed Christian and many believe to be the most benevolent person of all time. Much of his wealth was derived from Standard Oil, the most feared and powerful monopoly in American business history." [...] "Even from an early age, Rockefeller felt the Lord had called him to be a great steward over wealth. He began tithing from the very first paycheck he earned at his very first job and never stopped that practice the rest of his life. At age 21, he spearheaded a fund raising campaign that collected $2,000 and helped save his church from going to foreclosure. As his income increased, he remained extremely frugal, avoiding financial waste so that he had more to invest and more to give back. “I was trained from the beginning to work and to save,” Rockefeller explained, “I have always regarded it as a religious duty to get all I could honorably and to give all I could.”

Testimony of Lisa Natoli author of blog and book Gorgeous for God 
How a woman deep in debt and no money started tithing and saw a great change in her life. 
With testimony of another woman who had NO MONEY and had children, with no way out of the situation decided to start tithing with 0.30 cent and eventually even became a multimillionaire.

The story of William Colgate, inventor of Colgate soap products (famous for toothpaste)
"William Colgate was a tither throughout his long and successful business career. He gave not merely one-tenth of the earnings of Colgate’s soap products; but he gave two-tenths, then three-tenths, and finally five-tenths of all his income to the work of God in the world. During the later days of his life he revealed the origin of his devotion to the idea of tithing. When he was sixteen years old he left home to find employment in New York City. He had previously worked in a soap manufacturing shop. When he told the captain of the canal boat upon which he was traveling that he planned to make soap in New York City the man gave him this advice: ‘Someone will soon be the leading soap maker in New York. You can be that person. But you must never lose sight of the fact that the soap you make has been given to you by God. Honor Him by sharing what you earn. Begin by tithing all you receive.’ William Colgate felt the urge to tithe because he recognized that God was the giver of all that he possessed, not only of opportunity, but even of the elements which were used in the manufacture of his products."
source Wikipedia, taken from Spiritual Life Through Tithing, G. Ernest Thomas (1955)

Testimony of D.G. (in french), who followed Kurt Buehlmann's training on Kingdom Finance and had his life changed through tithing
(in french)

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