13 oct. 2015

Spiritual Growth Requires Time - Elizabeth George, A Woman After God's Own Heart

''God’s perspective on timing is different from ours, and we may question His use of time. We may be tempted to think that quiet, hidden time with Him doesn’t count-that it doesn’t show, it doesn’t matter, and no one cares. After all, nobody sees it. There’s no glory, no splash, no attention given to those weeks, months, years of waiting on God. No one sees us read and study God’s empowering Word. No one is present to watch us memorize and meditate on God’s life changing truths. God alone sees us on bended knee in the heart-wrenching work of prayer, work He uses to prepare us for ministry. But then, just like the heroes of the Bible and just like our Saviour Himself, one day we are prepared. When the timing is right, when the opportunity for ministry presents itself, we too mount up with wings like an eagle –ready to do God’s work! We are then privileged to live out the saying that success comes when preparation meets opportunity. God is responsible for presenting the opportunities –in His time, place and manner –but we are responsible for cooperating with His efforts to prepare us.''

--Elizabeth George, A Woman After God's Own Heart 

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